• Health Services Coordination Program

Better Ways to Engage Community

Partnera has developed an enhanced Population Health Management program – Health Services Coordination Program. It is based on an enhanced Public Health Model.
When sponsored by the Health System and funded through Emergency Department savings and reduced claim cost to payers, the model delivers 10-30% system savings.

Health Services Coordination Program (HSCP)

The public, whether called Consumers, Patients, Members or Population, want healthcare providers to be available when they need services.

The problem is 80% of their need is not clinical.

How can healthcare providers engage the community before a clinical event?

Partnera has spent the last six years operating consumer-focused programs that communicate value and reward the community for recognizing and choosing healthcare services based on those value propositions.

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HSC vs. ER

Partnera's innovative approach to solving big problems for communities is using the savings from inappropriate use of Emergency Room for Public Health through HSCP. Engagement through HSCP can move the 'Front Door' for health system services from the Emergency Room to the Neighborhood.

Our case studies show significant savings and better patient outcomes while freeing up resources to better serve the community.